Hacienda El Divisadero invites you to enjoy nature in our location. We are located in the Cabo Corriente region on the road to Chacala and just 15 minutes from the town of El Tuito. You arrive at the “Magic World” of Hacienda El Divisadero where you can admire and enjoy Mother Nature, her flora and fauna, her canyons, rivers and jungle.

Our 180 acres are divided by plantations of agave and you will find a extensive variety of this noble plant. Amongst the agave varieties you will find “agave cenizo”, “el verde”, “el amarillo” and  “el chino”.

We offer walking tours through our agave plantations and horse tours to visit the largest Petroglyph stone in the region that dates back to 700 AD.

Discover the process of the production of  RAICILLA, the original and traditional drink of the region. Learn about the development and maturity of agave, the harvest, the roasting, the processing, the fermentation, the distillation and finally the tasting of the best raicilla in the region.

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