Raicilla Distilery

IMG_4576Raicilla has been the traditional drink of Puerto Vallarta, El Tuito and the entire region. We are proudly part of this tradition, producing raicilla of the finest quality.  With the wisdom we have learned over the years and the love we have for what we do, we know about the product we offer. Discover our plantations wher you will encounter a wide diversity of agave plants that includes “amarillo”,  “cenizo”, “chino”, “verde”, “del padre” agave. All our agaves receive special care in their cultivation and reproduction. We dedicate time and energy to we offer the very best quality and you will be able to taste this dedication in every sip. In our distillery you will learn how we make Hacienda El Divisadero brand raicilla. We will give you a guided tour of our facilities and you will learn about the entire process from agave cultivation to bottling.

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